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Your horse’s well-being starts from within

Gut problems are one of the most common reasons why dogs visit the vet. And just like with people, when your dog’s gut isn’t working properly, it can have a ripple effect on their overall health and well-being.
That’s why biomecare focuses on supporting your dog’s gut health, so you can focus on enjoying life together with them.

Gut health

If your dog is experiencing gut problems, you feel it too. You want them to feel better as soon as possible, and you want to keep it from happening again. Stopping the symptoms and calming the irritated gut are key priorities when restoring their gut health for long-term well-being.

Gut microbiome

Your dog has thousands of different types of microbes in its gut. These are mostly bacteria, but they also include viruses, fungi and protozoa. Together they make up the gut microbiome.

Why is a healthy gut important?

A healthy gut microbiome is necessary for the normal development and functioning of your dog’s gastrointestinal system, and it’s also vital for their overall health. It begins to affect your dog’s body from the moment they are born.
Researchers are constantly learning more about all the different ways that the gut microbiome may affect other parts of the body. For example:

Digesting fibre

Certain bacteria digest fibre, producing fatty acids that are important for gut health. Fibre may help prevent weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and risk of cancer.


Helping the immune system

The gut microbiome also controls how the immune system works. By communicating with immune cells, the gut microbiome may control how the body responds to infection.


Helping brain health

New research suggests that the gut microbiome may also affect the central nervous system, which controls brain function.

How can you support your dog’s gut health?

There are many things you can do to help support your dog’s gut health.

Nutritious diet

Make sure they’re eating a nutritious diet.


Reduce stress

Try to reduce stress in your dog’s life. Stress can have a negative impact on gut health, so try to create a calm and relaxed environment for your dog.



New research suggests that the gut microbiome may also affect the central nMake sure they’re getting enough exercise. Exercise is important for many aspects of health, including gut health.ervous system, which controls brain function.


Prebiotics & probiotic

Consider supplementing your dog’s diet with prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are substances that can help promote the growth of good gut microbes. Probiotics contain live bacteria and may help improve gut health.

Biomecare pet gut health products

These innovative products work together to stop the symptoms of a problem gut and keep gut problems from coming back.

proHibex is a tasty, soft chew that acts fast to help restore your dog’s normal gut function after a gastrointestinal upset.

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proCanicare is a complementary feed that helps rebalance and support your dog’s gut microbes for their long-term well-being.

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proGlan is an easy-to-give, tasty, soft chew that helps improve your dog’s stool consistency to assist regular anal gland emptying.

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Biomecare equine skin health product

An easy-to-use remedy for restoring the skin flora of horses suffering with itchy and sensitive skin.

proEquilife is a fast-application skin spray that’s infused with good bacteria to help enrich your horse’s skin microbiome and keep it in balance.

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